Maptun is launching a wide product range of parts for older Saab models

 The Saab specialists Maptun Performance are now broadening the Maptun Parts spare parts range to include Saab models as far back as the 50s and onwards. 

The temporary retro logo that will be used during the ”Classic’s week”

 The range is mainly focused on spare parts for classic Saab models such as Sonett, 96, 99 and 900, which can now be found in the menu in the web shop Maptun Parts. Bert Ytterhag, Product Manager and Purchaser at Maptun, tell us more: 

Bert Ytterhag

We have seen that, unfortunately, it becomes harder and harder to find parts for the slightly older Saab models, but that the interest and demand actually exist, not least among enthusiasts. 

The range consists of, for example, shock absorbers, brake discs, brake calipers, engine gaskets, exhaust systems, steering joints, ball joints, bushings and more. Just like the range of products that previously existed at Maptun in other words, though then to the slightly newer Saabs. 

– We do not really see that there are any differences between ”the classics” and the more modern Saabs. No new Saabs are manufactured and we want to satisfy all customers’ needs, regardless of whether they are veteran enthusiasts or commute to work. We actually have parts for all Saabs apart from the very first; Saab 92 year model until 1955. But we are working on that too, Bert says smiling. 

The range is part of the regular product range of Maptun Parts but is called ”Classic” at the launch to mark that Maptun are broadened the range that previously only included cars from 1993 onwards. 

Fredrik Bengtsson

 We celebrate the classics – with retro styled webshop
The launch of the new range will take place on May 29 and Maptun take the opportunity to celebrate a little extra. The webshop has therefore got a temporary make-over in classic style complete with a ”vintage logo” and all who visit the web shop from May 29th to June 2nd can shop in true retro spirit. 

We want to cherish the classic Saab’s in Sweden and around the world and do our part to make sure that these cars can continue to be driven and live on for many years ahead, says Maptun CEO Fredrik Bengtsson. 

The range is available for purchase at

About Maptun
Since 2000, Maptun has specialized in Saab by optimizing software and producing its own hardware. Today, Maptun is the market leader in the field and a well-known brand among Saab enthusiasts worldwide. Since its inception, the business has expanded to include Maptun Parts (car spare parts), Maptun Bilverkstad (car workshop) and Maptun Powersports (tuning of, for example, watercraft and snowmobiles). The business is now being further expanded with an product range of spare parts for older Saab models that go under the launch name Maptun ’Classic’ Parts.