Maptun is entering the world of 2-strokes

Maptun Powersports and MaptunerX are entering the world of 2-strokes! First out is not one but two very popular Ski-Doo snowmobiles: the 850 E-tec and 850 E-tec Turbo. Carefully developed and tested to bring the very best performance possible. Verified by our ambassadeurs in real-world conditions with overwhelming results!

We are very proud and happy to now offer these tunes to all our customers.

Ski-doo 850 E-tec Tuning Stages 1 and 2 available here:…/ski-doo/850-etec/2017

Ski-doo 850 E-tec Turbo Tuning Stage 1 available here:…/850-etec-turbo/2021

Information regarding supposed engine failure

It has come to our knowledge that rumors are spreading regarding some of our engine software optimizations. In particular software for the Yamaha Sidewinder which some say will make the engine run lean on fuel causing it to break. 

First of all we would like to dismiss this rumor and strongly affirm that there is no truth to it. All of our products are tested vigorously for reliability and optimal performance. 

To assure our customers that our products and services are safe, we will explain further. If there was such a problem with our software(s) this would result in:

  1. We would have known about it from our ambassador riders, hundreds of dealers and thousands of customers. But we haven’t.
  2. We would have corrected it right away. We have nothing to gain from offering a faulty product/service.
  3.  We would have helped the customers that were affected. But we haven’t gotten any of these complaints.

All our software has been tested, logged and analyzed with MaptunerX Datalogging complete with all associated sensors. Thanks to the collected data and analyzation during (and following) testing we can rule out that one or more of the cylinders would be running lean. Or any other problem for that matter. The Sidewinder especially have been tested by us perhaps more than any other vehicle since we have developed and tested five different tuning stages for this machine. 

We have been unable to locate the source of the rumor which leads us to believe, with even greater certainty, that there is no truth to it. The rumor is probably started by someone/somebody that think they will benefit from spreading false claims about Maptun. It’s not uncommon for market-leading companies like Maptun to be subject to this type of false claims – but we still want to debunk these types of claims to not make our customers worried. 

We have over 130 dealers world-wide and several ambassadors who have given us the confidence to deliver our software and hardware to  them. They can all emphasize the quality of our products and services and answer any further questions.

This is an image of the engine parameters of a Yamaha Sidewinder with Maptun Tuning Stage 5. Vehicle is equipped with MaptunerX Datalogger Kit including various of sensors such as EGT for each cylinder, AFR, Pressure Sensor. It also has external knock sensor and temp sensor installed. This equipment is applied for all our vehicles that we develop tuning software for.